Upcoming lessons

Here you will find the list of lessons that I have currently planned (subject to change):

  1. What is Bourbon? DONE
  2. What other American whiskey types are there, besides Bourbon? DONE
  3. Which grains can be used for making whiskey in the US? DONE
  4. How do you make whiskey? DONE
  5. What is MALTING and what is MALTED BARLEY? DONE
  6. What is peat? And why do Bourbon and Scotch taste so different? DONE
  7. How do you age whiskey? DONE
  8. What does the term BARREL ENTRY PROOF mean? DONE
  9. What is the difference between barrel CHARRING and barrel TOASTING? DONE
  10. What are the ageing requirements for American whiskey? DONE
  12. Why does the alcohol content increase when whiskey ages? ETA: August 2022
  13. Accelerated ageing – how is that done? ETA: August 2022
  14. What does NON-CHILL FILTERED mean? ETA: September 2022
  15. What does BOTTLED-IN-BOND mean? ETA: September 2022
  16. Why is almost all Bourbon made in Kentucky? ETA: September 2022
  17. Why is Jack Daniel’s not a Bourbon? ETA: September 2022
  18. What is light whiskey? ETA: October 2022
  19. Why do people prefer limestone water for making whiskey? ETA: October 2022
  20. What does the term STRAIGHT refer to, on the label? ETA: October 2022
  21. What is the difference between PROOF and ABV? ETA: October 2022
  22. What is the best way to store my bottles? ETA: October 2022
  23. What does it mean when a whiskey has been FINISHED in another barrel? ETA: November 2022
  24. American whiskey history: The early years ETA: November 2022
  25. American whiskey history: The Bottled-in-Bond act 1897 ETA: November 2022
  26. American whiskey history: Prohibition 1919-1933 ETA: November 2022
  27. American whiskey history: Bourbon becomes a distinct product of the USA 1964 ETA: December 2022
  28. American whiskey history: The fall and rise of Bourbon 1960’s to today ETA: December 2022
  29. Kentucky Bourbon vs. Bourbon ETA: December 2022
  30. What are store picks or private picks? ETA: December 2022