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About me

My name is Henrik Brandt and I’m a normal guy living in Copenhagen, Denmark with my family – but with an overarching hobby in the form of American whiskey. Since 2016, I have accumulated  close to 300 bottles. The Bourbon selection in Europe (and especially Denmark) sucks, but I’m fortunate to be able to visit the US 3-4 times a year – and I have nice colleagues there who brings me bottles as well.

Most of my collection, as of June 2020 (minus the bottles I use for cocktails)

In November 2019 I published the first book about American whiskey in Danish and have conducted a number of tastings in connection with the launch of the book. Besides activities related to the book, I’m running the blog (it is in Danish, sorry) together with a good friend and I am an administrator in the Nordic Bourbon Community Facebook group.

The front page of my book. Makes you thirsty, right?

The Bourbon Nerd blog (that you are now reading) will initially be focused on small posts under the “DID YOU KNOW?” name, where you can learn about American whiskey. These blog posts are intentionally kept short, as my hope is, that you will be able to learn enough about the topic in about five minutes. If you have questions to any of my posts, just use the comments section. If you like to contact me directly, please feel free to follow and message me on Instagram, via my the_bourbon_nerd account.


3 thoughts on “About me

  1. The next time you come to the US stop by St Louis Missouri. I belong to a brew / distillation club and we would love to host you for an evening. We make some great whiskey and rum. Don’t know if brandy is something you enjoy but ours will forever make you a brandy lover.

  2. My understanding of the name Bourbon that is associated with brown alcohol is that the barrel maker was from Bourbon County Kentucky. Makers of whiskey would ship their product to New Orleans in his barrels. So that he could get his barrels back he branded on them his location: Bourbon. The whiskey in those barrels was clear prior to a fire that charred many of his barrels. He still filled those barrels with alcohol and sent them to New Orleans. Where, upon tasting the contents, the people of New Orleans started demanding more of that “Bourbon Whiskey” that had turned brown and mellowed during the long transport process through Kentucky and down the Mississippi River.

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